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TH9 Funneling Pocket Base to Defend against Hogs

2014-06-26 08:20:08 0


The Objective

I need a hybrid base to protect my resources and trophies. It will defend against Hogs and Barch armies. And the Clan Castle troops should be hard to lured out.



1. Centralized Clan Castle. The enemy has to take out one defense to lure out cc troops.



2. Ranged troops will attack walls instead of defenses inside. Blue marked parts indicate Archers and brown marked parts indicate the place where Hogs will be deployed. Hogs will be distracted by defenses on the left and right side.



3. Traps are placed in the path where enemies are funneled into and Giant Bombs in the core will kill a group of nearly dead Hogs. Blue circles are the cover range of Wizard Towers. There is no chance for Barch to get the resources.



4. Wizard Tower is put inside to protect Elixir storage. X-Bows are set to sky units so that they won’t be distracted by Barbarian King or P.E.K.K.A.



5. 100% of the attacks in my defense logs are from the four corners, so I put Seeking Air Mines here to defend against Dragons and Healers.


6. Wizard Towers and Giant Bombs are placed separately. The enemy will have to drop many Heals before getting to the core part.


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