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Strengths and Weaknesses of Tier 1 Troops

2014-05-15 08:45:57 0


Why choose tier 1 troops?


Tier 1 troops cost less Elixir and time to train. It’s an efficient strategy even for TH7 to TH 10. 




1. The training time is short. You can attack 6 times within one hour.


2. The training cost is low. It only costs 50000 Elixir to train 200 warriors.


3. Tier 1 troops can be used in any bases. There are bases to defend against air attack, Hogs or Giants /Healers, but there is rare base to especially defend against tier 1 troops.


Troop selection:4 Giants, 10 Wall Breakers, Barbs to Archers ratio is 1:2 , 1 Healing, others are Rage


Army Camps: 1 Camp Giants, 1 Camp Barbs, 2 Camps Archers and train some Wall Breakers for preparation


The Giants is to raid the central Storages. So there is no need to deploy Giants if the Storages placed outside.  


Use Healing Spell when attacking central storage to prolong the raiding time. And deploy more Wall Breakers for help.



1. Tier 1 troops are weak to face level 6 Wizard, Mortar, level 3 X-Bow and inferno Tower.


2. Tier 1 troops will be wiped out by splash damage buildings for they like to bunch up. 


3. Traps especially Giant Bombs will cause great damage.


4. Attacking separated storages will weak your troops. Don’t try to get them all.


Attacking strategy:


The key point is to deploy the troopsseparately and use Archers as the main force.


Scatter the troops to avoid splash damage and deploy Barbs and Giants to soak up the hits so Archers can focus on attacking. At the same time, deploy the troops in group continuously in a fast way.


Here, I want to share how to attack central storages with you:  


1. Choose the attack point. Select a wide place near the Collectors to deploy your troops to avoid splash damage. Your aim is to raid resources.


2. Take down Wizard and Mortar with Giants to ensure troops attack smoothly.


3. Use Barbs to trigger traps. CC troops and Heroes cannot defend against great amount of tier 1 troops.


4. Deploy Barbs and Archers to clear the buildings on the sides.


5. Launch the general offensive:


1) Deploy 20 Barbs to kill the way out;


2) Deploy 20 Archers behind Barbs;


3) Send 1 Giant to attack Wizard or Mortar;


4) Drop 3 Giants and 2 Wall Breakers behind the Giant you sent before. Deploy them separately so that they will not be killed at once;


5) Send 40 Archers behind the Giants. At the same time, deploy 2 Wall Breakers to break walls on the other side. Break 2 gaps to make the way for troops;


6) Send 20 Barbs and cover them with 1 Rage;   


7) Deploy 10 Barbs and 20 Archers as reinforcement.


Notice, the troop number is only for your reference. You should deploy them according to the battle situation.


Deploy King with Barbs in step 6 and send Queen in step 7 if you have. Clear the outside buildings before you send the Heroes so that they will attack the central storages. Also, the interval is short when deploying. Make sure your troops are deployed continuously.  


Tip 1:Separate the troops when deploying to avoid splash damage.


Tip2:End the battle once you have reached the target. 

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