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Advanced dark elixir stealer interview:120 thousands per day

2014-07-22 03:20:12 0

This is a clash of clans gameplay about dark elixir stealing,comes from interview of Sun、(member of clan “Pico.E. 洛基”)


AK:I heard your queen upgrade to level 40 now,as an earlier TH 10 player,how did you do it?  I mean, how many days it tooks you to do that?

SUN:let me check, i upgraded my town hall to 10 in june 18, tooks me some diamonds, Then i went to japan for business, back to the game in june 26,  From then i started stealing dark elixir for upgrading archer queen,until I finished upgrade queen to 40 yesterday (July 14) ,so it tooks me 17 days to upgrade queen frome level 30 to level 40.


AK:WOW! Great job! So how much dark elixir did you get in a single day?

SUN:did not count it,I guess 120 thousands more or less.


AK:So when did you upgrade archer queen for serious? And how did you do that?

SUN:let me think…

( after a few minutes)

SUN:eh..i clearly remembered when my quuen was level 10 on May 13,I bought some diamonds. From then I upgraded queen frome level 10 to level 30, while king fom level 10 to level 24. All of it tooks me 37 days.So I guess upgrade archer queen for serious tooks me about less two months. Also I have to say I can not do it without my CLAN pico back on me.


AK:So could you tell me how did you do it for a specific way? Difference between TH 9 and TH 10.

SUN:Giants, wall breakers and archers rush are my basic troops, and queen combine those works very well.I keep queen alive always frome level 10.In TH 9,The troops were divided into 12 giants,18 wall breakers, Archers barbarians rest.With 2 healing spell,2 rage spell. Number of Dark elixir are above 2000 was my target,No matter how much dark elixir rest, as queen are being attacked, I quit.In TH 10, my target number of dark elixir was above 2800. With 16 giants,16 wall breakers, 8 wizards, archers and barbarians rest. Still 2 healing spells and 3 rage spells.Rage spell is necessary.First I tried 2 giants or some archers/barbarians attacked dark elixir drills, then we’ll know how much dark elixir in storage and separated troops to different targets.When I as inside,I used 4 giants,6 wall breakers,4 wizards for twice. After the second throw, I let the rage spell out. Then we can reach the core where dark elixir storage are.Now let the queen out , as my experience, 90% the queen will get the storage, with Royal Cloak,she will take the storage down.


AK:would you let us know how did you deal with your diamonds? I know you took some for upgrading queen, so how did you deal with the rest of them? And how did you accelerate?

SUN:For me my all barracks were in speed up for a whole day, while king and queen, spell factory were the same .I only stop them when I was decided out of the game for rest. I know it looks kinda luxury occasionally, but all I did was for upgrading queen quickly, the diamonds are necessary.


AK:How many cups when did you steal dark elixir?

SUN:Above 2250, basically 2300 to 2400.I know cups in 2800 to 3600 the number of dark elixir are more than 2300-2400, but you know it’ll difficult for you to keep the cups not being down,so it will takes me a lot of time,I can not handle it for both. 


AK:I heard you use some special trick for wall breakers?

SUN:LOL. Actually you helped me a lot after I saw your GoWi video, I used a lot of wall breakers and most of time let them all out.As you know, let the wall breakers out in a row, wall breakers would blow the wall as it go inside.but if you let them out for different rows, after the first wall was broke, the wall breaker find the inside wall far form him,it’ll go other side,not in.


In this situation ,the queen can not reach the core where the dark elixir storage are.

So that’s why I did it.Actually, whether how good the base is, as if walls are blown down, the base will not works fine. 


AK:OK,so any special notes for attension?

SUN:oh…..let me think.In TH 9, I think attack the dark elixir storage trapped by Inferno Tower was not a good decision, I suggested let it go.And the offensive troops in castle must let them out, I regreted many times after I forgot it.You know that feel when your queen get the core then 30 archers let you dumbed.


AK:ok,thanks sun. I think that’s it. We’see you next time.



That’s our interview, we’ll keep it going after the following series, some of them are time killer for the game, some are fragmented,never use speed up.

Both of them are advanced player with special tricks when playing the game.we hope it will help you guys. Thanks for reading , and keep follow us.


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