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HURRY UP! Something you should not miss about Clash meet up in seattle

2014-09-01 08:09:55 0


Clash meeting UP


Time: August 31. 15:00-18:00 PST.

Location: Seattle


People who get the tickets before are anxiously waiting to enter in the entrence waiting area.



Supercell clash of clans youtuber work area



Preparing for meet up place



Discussing time



There is interesting contest of “how was your raid” live,  players start a attack, and staff of supercell will score you according to your show and result.

In the end, A 9 years old young player who is in TH7, using low cost troops won a raid which get high scores from supercell staff, and of course the young player won the prize which was iPad air.



Meet Up finished!

Some news are still in confirming by supercell official:

1, Wall costs less than before.

2,There is no quit option for Clan Wars

3, There is new troop for next version or next next version.

4,There is no TH11 in recently.

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