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High level TH Trophy Hunting Tips

2014-02-16 06:54:16 0


There are my tips to gain trophies at high level TH.

1. It is nice when the enemy’s Town Hall is within your Wizards’ range while the enemy’s Wizards and defensive buildings can’t reach your Wizards.

2. Lure the King and The Queen, then kill them with Archers, Wizards and CC troops. Go for another target if the King and the Queen at 30 level are both here.


3. Once figure out what clan castle troops are, make strategy. The importance of CC troops is that they will distract the attack. Be sure to lure out any CC troops and clear them with Rage Spell so they will not thwart your Wizards during the mid game.


4. Detect Bomb and Spring Trap with Archers. Let them clear buildings outside the walls. Remember to keep 5 archers to get the last 50%.


5. Decide the attack angle and destroy walls. Golems and Wall Breakers are the first obvious choice. Secondly drop six Wizards in two groups to clear the outside buildings. Meanwhile, deploy PEKKA with a Rage Spell when the two Golems get close to the second line of walls, then drop three Wall Breakers. Only one line walls left with the help of four Wizards.


Now that the Golems and PEKKA are damaged, cover the army in the middle with the Healing Spell, drop four Wizards and the King. Send the last five Wizards to the TH(leave one in case). When the King and Wizards target at the Town Hall, you almost win with the Rage Spell.


Since the Town Hall is destroyed, here is when you let your remaining troops mop up the left buildings. 

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