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Low cost troops rush walkthrough for clash of clans beginners

2014-10-16 07:13:47 0

Different kinds of low cost troops rush:

    1, All low cost troops rush

         (1)Troops in it: barbarians and archers

         (2) How does it work: Targeting for resources collectors and storages outside of the base.

    2, Low cost troops mix other troops like giants and wallbreakers

        (1)Troops in it: Giants,wallbreakers,archers and barbarians.

        (2)How does it work: Putting giants out as meat shield, then wallbreakers for walls, then put barbarians and archers out for resources.


The advantages of low cost troops rush

      1) Time cost

      2) elixir cost

   I prefer to use all low cost troops rush, let me explain it more,


Some tips about how to use all low cost troops rush

    1) It’s possible to use all low cost troops rush get 3 stars on lower TH players than yours.

    2) Always target to resources outside of the base.

    3)you can get 1 star if you clear the buildings outside of the base plus some buildings inside of the base and result in 50% damage.


How to make sure your targets are what you want


    1)resources in storages.



    2) Most of resources in storages



    Let’s see some examples:

     1.All kinds of resources in storages so you better do not try it.



   2. Nothing in collectors and also nothing in storages, so let it go.



   3. Nothing in storages but collectors are full, you better try it.



   3. some resources in collectors ,and some in storages,Considering what the level of the opponent is,think about it.



Finally,what I think about all different kinds of low cost troops rush

1) Using the spells as little as possible.

2) The numbers of barbarians and archers do not have to be half and half, actually more archers would be better.

3)Always attracting opponent’s castle troops out firstly.


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