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Guide for Halloween update of clash of clans

2014-10-23 06:36:51 1


1,Reducing accelerating cost on collectors and mines.

    Level 11 mines and level 11 collectors are being accelerated with 10 gems,not 11 gems before.

    Level 5-6 dark elixir collector need 25-30 gems to being accelerated, not 27 to 34 gems before.




2, The Same type of buildings can be boosted together with one button.




3, All boosts will be paused during maintenance break or game updating, and after you are in game again, you can click the “resume” button to let the boost back.

    More details on you can check it out:

                   Watching all Halloween Updates first about clash of clans 



4,Spell factoy can be boosted with 1 gem.




5, Something new on player profile

    All the player’s unlocked max level troops you can see on player profile,also include heroes and spells.



6, New clan settings and clan tag






7, Some Halloween theme obstacles

    There are some Halloween theme obstacles like trees,bushes etc.

    And you can get Halloween gift like a Halloween milestone if you are luckily, and you can get 75,000 elixir on milestone.









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  • samantha1973

    Walls don't need to be as kick ass expensive!!!

    Reply2 years ago