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TH9 Clan Wars Attacking Strategies In Clash Of Clans

2015-01-02 07:46:13 0


1. Ensure you have lured and killed all the troops before deploy troops.

2. Don’t enter the range of AQ.

3. Drop heal spells where defense fire are heavy.


Use golems as meat shield and wizards to clear cc troops. This strategy can more guaranty you three stars.


It consists of lava hounds, balloons and minions. The most important thing is to kill cc troops and AQ. Take 3 rage + 1 heal or 2 rage + 2 heal.


1. This attacking strategy uses golems as meat shield, and let wizards/witches do the main attack. Don’t drop all your troops in one time.

2. No need to lure cc troops.

3. Remember to clear outside buildings.

4. Take 2 heal, 1 rage and 1 jump.


My th9 farming base


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