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GoWiHo in Clan Wars

2015-01-31 07:45:36 0

    It’s a brief introduction to GoWiHo.


GoWiHo in Clan Wars


    The most popular way is to use a golem to lure cc, and kill cc with witches. Send your heroes and 2 golems into the core and leave hogs to clear defenses. Take 3 heal spells, 1 freezing and 1 jump. 

    This strategy is better used on base with spread inferno towers.

    Another way is to take more golem. Kill cc troops with lightning spell. Use golems as meat shield and send hogs to destroy defenses.  

    This strategy is good for base with closely placed inferno towers. When fire is distracted by golems, hogs can easily clear defenses. Take 2 healing spells, 1 lightning, 1 freezing and 1 jump.

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