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Road to Champion at TH6

2015-03-23 08:06:52 0


I created another account and started trophy rush at th5. The most easy way is town hall snipe. It takes little to search suitable targets while the bonus can cover your upgrading cost.

Crystal league

It’s not hard to get to crystal. Outside town hall can be easily found.

Master league

Be patient about “next”.  Don’t push yourself.

Champion league

You will find repeated targets at this league and it usually takes 30 minutes to find an opponent.


1. If the town hall is covered by mortars, press next.

2. If the town hall is surrounded by walls, don’t even try. There are traps and teslas.

3. Send barbs one by one to detect bombs.

4. Most town hall are trapped at master league.

5. Ensure you have enough gold to search.

6. Take lightning spells to help you get 50%.

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