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Clash of Clans Trivia Quiz

2015-05-27 06:33:38 0

1. Walls at th8 and below is the last defense to upgrade.

2. One level 5 wall breakers can destroy gold walls, and level 6 walls take tow more hits from giants. So upgrade your walls to at least level 7.

3. Wall breakers target the nearest walls with buildings inside.

4. Troops can spawn on obstacles.

5. The best strategy for th7 clan wars is mass dragons.

6. There is no th7 base can defend dragons.

7. The best war strategies for th8 are gowipe, hogs and dragons.

8. Level 3 hogs may wipe out th8 without double giant bombs.

9. Barbarian king is much better after level 5.

10. The most effective DE farming strategy for th7 is giant/healer.

11. Don’t use level 1 hogs.

12. Healing spell and rage spell are still effective when the ring disappears.

13. Lightening spell doesn’t deal double damage to pekka.

14. CC troops are important for low level players. So remember to lure them before attack.

15. Level 3 air sweeper can mess up with balloons if there is no rage spell. 

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