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Clash of Clans GoHoLoon Three Star Max Th9

2015-06-01 06:58:53 0

This strategy uses golems to distract fire and hogs to do the main attack. It works even when BK is under upgrade.



Through replay, I know the replacement of traps. 4 teslas are placed around town hall, and red circles stand for double giant bombs. CC troops are archers, wizards, witch and balloons.

In order to destroy all the air defenses, I decide to send hogs to clear defenses in the core. With healing spell and rage spell, hogs can easily complete this task. 




1. Lure cc troops and destroy the archer tower & wizard towers as the yellow ellipse shows so that main troops won’t circle the base.



2. Place jump spell between the nearest two lines of walls.



3. When the core defenses are distracted by golems, deploy hogs.

4. Place spells when needed. Send balloons to finish the rest. 


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