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TH10 Clan War Strategy: Mass Witches

2015-06-05 06:43:03 0

This strategy doesn’t need max heroes. With cover of skeletons, heroes can survive for a long time. Only works on base in the below example.


19 witches, 6 wall breakers. CC of golem and giants.

Spells: 3 jump spells, 2 rage spells.




1. Draw a line across two inferno towers, deploy troops and send wall breakers to open a path for heroes.

2. Drop all the witches in the corner, then drop one jump spell. When skeletons goes into the second line of the base, send golem followed by barb king. Then deploy archer queen.



3. Cover witches with rage spell when cc troops come out. Use jump spell to let skeletons to go to the core.

4. Rage troops again when skeletons begin to destroy inferno towers. 



5. Use another jump spell to let troops out of the core. Three star.


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