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How to Attack Popular TH10 War Base

2015-06-08 07:43:41 0


This base features heavy fire in the middle layer. Air defense at 6 o’clock direction will distract lava hounds. If there is a dragon in the castle, I may fail. And my barb king is under upgrade.

How to attack

1. Destroy air defense on the right and kill archer queen. Lure and kill cc troops towards the air defense on the left.

1. Send archer queen to destroy air defense on the right so balloons won’t lose their way. Send troops towards air defense on the left to lure and kill cc troops.

2. Drop 4 lava hounds with 4 spells to go into the core.

3. Send minions to distract air sweeper to let balloons go smoothly.

4. My mistake made me ended up with 2 stars. 

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