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My farming Guide at TH9

2015-06-09 07:31:57 0

I rush to th9 with max storages. So I upgrade lab and air defense, build 2 x-bows at the first day. Save 1 builder for upgrading walls.

As a new th9, the first 15 days are really hard. My farming priorities are elixir, de and gold. Th9 needs lots of elixir to upgrade offense. If you use most of your storages before offline, you are not going to be raided. Get your archer queen as soon as possible. Don’t keep her being upgraded. You can smash th9 with her majesty.

Farming league

My suggestion is 900-1000 trophies. There are many full storages th8 and dead bases. Golem is not suggested because of long time. Lava hound, hogs or balloons are good choices.

If you wanna your town hall get snipped, place all the collectors around it and don’t clear tomb stones. This is a very useful tip.

My th9 hybrid base

Army composition

Barch+ 10 wall breakers or gibarch. Now my farming troops are 10 hogs, 6 wall breakers, rest of archers and barbarians. All healing spells. It’s a good army to farm walls.

For war, gohowiwi will be good to three star your opponent at the same level. If you don’t have level 4 hogs, upgrade balloons and get lava hound.

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