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Upgrade Order at New TH9

2015-06-15 09:23:40 0

1. If you go to th9 with full skull, walls is the last thing to upgrade.

2. Archer queen is amazing for farming and war. Get her as soon as possible.

3. Offense always first. Lab, spell factory and clan castle are the most important buildings to upgrade.

4. X-Bows can terrify your enemies. But wizard towers will deal the most damage. So my defense upgrade order is wizard towers- air defenses- x-bows- mortars- archer towers- cannons. Put air defenses in priority because most war attack at th9 are using air troops.

5. Level 3 X-Bow will make a difference.

6. Level 7 tesla is as powerful as x-bow.

7. Get level 6 giants first for farming. Then balloons and lava hounds for war. If you prefer ground troops, go for golems, hogs and witches.

8. High level heroes are very important at th9.

My nearly max th9



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