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Farming Guide for New TH10

2015-06-19 06:26:02 0

My th10 farming base



Farming league: crystal 1 to Master 1

As a th10, the maximum resources you will lose are gold and elixir 400,000 each. So go to a higher league to let the bonus cover your troops cost. If you put town hall outside, the attack will be from more snipers instead of farmers.

Army composition

1. Balloonion or lavaloon

2. Golems with wizards or archers.

3. Barch to get 50%

I prefer balloonion because there is few th10 bases with low level walls and air troops can ignore it. 24 balloons, 20 minions and 2 lava hounds with rage spells will ensure you get half of the storages.

Use gems to boost spell factory. My archer queen is level 15 and BK is level 12. DE is much easier to get at champion league. 

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