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Three Star Max TH9 with Golem/Hog

2015-07-06 08:54:17 0



    When you plan to GoHoWi a base, you have to determine what the real damage dealer is in your army. Are you planning to take out the AQ in the center and hog the rest? Are you planning to take out a difficult side of the base and using hogs as the powerhouse? Are you planning to GoWiWi most of the base and using hogs to clean the few defenses that remain? Are you planning to set off some dgbs in the center to minimize threats for your hogs? All those questions should be running through your head, and that's what determines your army and spell composition.

Army composition

1 level3 golem, 10 wizards, 23 hogs, 2 giants, 6 wall breakers, 5 archers, 5 barbs. 1 jump spell, 3 healing. Ask for 1 level 5 golem in cc. If you don’t plan to lure cc troops, carry 1 rage spell.

     Lure and kill cc troops

1. Level 4 lightning can kill most level 6 wizards and witches.

2. Valk is great for killing wizards.

3. Use wizards to kill dragon or lava hound.  

    How to attack

1. Spread golems slightly away from each other to distract as many defensive towers as possible. Drop jump spell to let them go to the core as the blue circle shows.

2. Place heroes and wizards to kill cc troops.  

3. Your hogs are a crucial part of a GoHoWi attack, and deploying them at the right time is what determines the outcome. Red arrows stand for hogs’ attacking path. Cover them with healing spells.



    Or you can lure and kill cc troops first. Then use jump spell to let golems, heroes and wizards inside. Drop 1 giant and 10 hogs each to archer tower and cannon.





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