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TH9 Anti-Hog/laloon War Base

2015-07-07 08:23:28 0



    This base is originated from an internet base and I make some adjustment.


1. There is a building outside giant bombs so hogs will go for archer tower or mortar instead of free tiles.

2. Air sweeper is placed in the second layer to be protected by 2 air defenses.

    This base aims to defend against hogs and laloon.

    Usually hogs will attack from 2 o’clock direction to lure cc troops and kill archer queen. Bombs outside walls will delay wall breakers and consume more troops. Double giant bombs and spring traps are placed in the path that hogs will go through.


    Lavaloon only one star this base in the last 2 wars. Red arrows stand for the first balloons attacking path and red arrows stand for the second balloons attacking path. They will bunch up towards air defenses instead of other defenses.



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