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TH9 Farming/War Base

2015-07-12 03:30:35 0

Farming version


1. Spread storages make it’s hard to raid all.

2. Archer queen is hard to kill.

3. X-bows beside de storage gives good protection.


1. Heroes will be hurt when de is zapped.

2. Needs max level x-bows, wizard towers and mortars to make the base work.


War base

Castle radius:


Queen radius:
It takes a jump spell or breaking the second layer of walls to kill archer queen.



Air sweeper:



Double giant bombs are placed in the second layer. Hogs can’t avoid them. 6 spring traps are in the path that hogs will pass.

Air defenses are spread to defend against lavaloon. Air bombs will kill puppies when lava hound explodes.

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