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  • Hero Ability: Iron Fist! The Barbarian King can make himself and any nearby barbarians enraged for a while with Iron Fist.
  • NEW Clan Co-leader rank! Ease some stress from your tired Clan Leader's shoulders
  • [01-25]
    The Gem Box is a mysterious NEW obstacle packed with Gems! Leprechaun not included.
  • Level 6 Minions are here to wreak havoc on enemy bases! Just look at them, they're all kinds of nasty.
  • This is my favorite attack type. It works great at 800-2050 trophy range. In this guide I will be discussing the offensive strategies of the Giant/Healer Combo a comprehensive guide on farming.
  • Inferno Tower will be more powerful than ever!!! Brand new multiple target mode launches a jet of flames against several troops, but an individual flame will be weaker because they will be free in this mode.
  • Supercell has released a new version of 5.113.2 of Clash of Clans. The new version includes a banquet of festive content, along with a great number of tweaks to the game's units and overall balance.